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Got millions of views this spring with reels & tiktok. My xp, cases & philosophy ;)
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Antos Sivyh. artist, creative director & editor, founder: Lodka Production

Short Format

Do you want to create awesome short-form videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and more? Do you need help with content ideas, shooting, editing, and strategy? Do you want to learn from a video editor with 10 years of experience in the industry?

If you said yes to any of these, then you need me. I’m a short-form video wizard, and I can help you create videos that stand out and achieve your goals.

Increasing visibility, getting 👀 on a service/product
and making 2x, 4x and 10x sales in a clear way.

In the 2020s, reaching millions worldwide without big ad budgets is simple. Instagram and TikTok offer a direct route to new audiences and more customers.

In the past 10 years, the main issue companies asked me to help with is...

Have you tried using short videos to show what you do? Maybe it hasn't worked well yet, or perhaps you haven't tried it at all.

What's the plan now?

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

New to short videos? It's tricky—content might not fit, value unclear, and attracting clients tough. But you've started. Let's level up.

The plan to take off, with us or DIY:
1. Set a core format.
2. Quickly refine with new videos.
3. Consider editing or full production

The payoff? More viewers, occasional customers, and daily engagement. 🚀

With hundreds of thousands, even millions of viewers, your audience grows fast. Some videos gain hundreds of followers, boosting visibility. We stick to what works while exploring new ideas. Unlimited potential!

oh, it's my account
couple of month ago!


Ira: Riding the Trend and News Moments

Meet Ira—an entrepreneur with a slew of personal brand projects. In a month, our team crafted four reels, earning her 1020 new TikTok followers, 500 on Instagram and 31 lead conversions . This led to four high-ticket product sales, growing Ira's audience.

How? We used a viral format, tailored to Ira's background, and timed reels with events like 'Mother Tongue Day.' Planned ahead, this sparked comments, some becoming followers, leads, and customers.

Olena: Visual Cues & Valuable Content

Meet Olena—5-time Global Champion nail technician and Nail Academy founder in Berlin. Our team started with 10 engaging reels, blending 'talking head' segments with stunning nail videos.

Result? One video scored 1.7 million views and 1160 new followers, doubling sales in a month + more than 4000 total new followers in a span of a month. Crafting valuable content for nail enthusiasts worldwide, we refined visuals and boosted academy sales with 'talking head' segments. Our collaboration with Olena continues to thrive.

Valeriia: Small Campaign, Big Clients

Meet Valeriia, a massage specialist with her own salon, offering various types of massages. Our reels campaign for her marked our first venture into this format, perfectly timed with the rising popularity of reels for businesses at the start of 2023.

While it didn't hit millions or even 100k of views (again, we were just starting out with reels format), those reels brought Valeriia something even more valuable – 5 new high-ticket clients in just one month. Our project was an aid in a successful launch of Valeria's new service.

Antos (my!) Case: Crafting an Original Format, Iteration, and Refinement

Crafting an original viral format was crucial for me, reflecting my brand's essence—uniqueness, excitement, and curiosity. After a month, the 'Undull Everyday Life' format emerged, scoring half a million views on one video, 700k on another across three platforms, and resulting in three art and service sales within 45 days.

The key? Rapid iteration and fresh ideas. Identifying what resonated best was pivotal. Once the winning format was found, the focus shifted to replicating it seamlessly. The success continued; the second video using the same formula not only gained 200k views but also sparked more reactions and comments, converting viewers into followers effectively.





Short format is not evil.
On the contrary!

TikTok, Instagram Reels, and short videos aren't villains; they're business allies. They offer a quick and clear way to convey messages and value efficiently. Embracing short format enhances connections and boosts businesses and personalities greatly. Let's make it better together.

What we do, exaclty.

A complete service for crafting exceptional short-form videos!
Here's what you get:

🚀 Content Ideas: Collaboratively generate video concepts aligned with your goals and audience.

🎥 Shooting: Professional video shooting, including on-location services worldwide.

✂️ Editing: Expert editing for polished, captivating videos optimized for all platforms.

🎯 Strategy: Develop and execute a winning short-form video strategy to achieve your goals.

🤝 Mentorship: Receive feedback, tips, and guidance throughout the process from our team of online growth specialists. Master the art of short-form video creation.

Years of experience

10+ years


48 clinets. Most are startups, education, local
business and tech.


Short format (reels, tiktok, shorts); brand video, explainer video, motion graphics, music videos, documentaries, YouTube content, backstages and art projects.

My Background

Since my teens, I've been into art and filmmaking. I've explored various film formats, made documentaries and artistic films shown in European cities and festivals. During the pandemic, I started a video production, focusing first on local companies, then shifting to IT, Technology, and product-centered businesses like portable saunas and stained glass craftsmanship.

I've played with reels and TikToks before reels became a thing, trying out their format in stories and posts. In the summer of 2023, I began creating reels daily for myself and clients. After four months, I cracked the code for getting a million views and developed my own methods.

Realizing reels are essential for visibility and a versatile solution for clients' media issues, I started forming my own approach with the help of partners and collaborators.

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