b. 1999, Minsk, Belarus.

Resides and works in Lodz, Poland.


Education and training

2021-2023: 3d Graphics and Game Art, AHE, Lodz, Poland

2023: Art Mentorship, Lesia Pcholka, Lodz, Poland

2018-2019 Visual Media Student Exchange, Lodz University, Lodz, Poland

2017-2022: BA in Media and Communication, Visual Media, EHU, Vilnius, Lithuania


Selected Group Exhibitions

2022 Art without borders: Urban sensitivity, Urban Activity Factory, Lodz, Poland

2022 Belarusian Art: From Maliavanki to NFTs, Spatial, Belarus

2019 Transformation, ISWI, Ilmenau, Germany


Selected Festivals and Events

2023 Kocham Dziwne Kino, Pabianice, Poland

2022 Northern Lights Festival, Tallin, Estonia

2022 ‘Ghosts’ in Vilnius Town Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania

2022 Love Strange Flicks, Pabianice, Poland

2021 Cvik Belarusian Culture Festival, Lodz, Poland

2020 Moscow Premiere, Moscow, Russia

2019 Erotic&Bizzare, Alicante, Spain

2019 Unfiltered Cinema, Minsk, Belarus

2015 Velcom Smartfilm, Minsk, Belarus



2022 Academic Lodz, Friendly towards new citizen, OPUS center, Lodz, Poland


Selected collections:

Antos Sivyh is collected by over 12 private collectors in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania.

Selected publications:

2023 Sojka, ‘10 Belarusian Films for Long Winter Evenings’

2023 Unet Radio, City of Film, Murals and Destroyed Buildings – Reasons to stay in Lodz.

2022, TVP Vilnius, ‘Ghosts Performance’

2022, l24, ‘Ghosts Premier and Dance Workshops’

2022 Afisha Me, ‘Feels Like Home: Belarusian Programme on Northern Lights Festival’

2021 Radio Poland, ‘Belarusians Created a Film Which Links Fate of Belarusians and the City’

2021 Budzma, ‘Across the Rails: Documenting an important period in Belarusian History’

2019, The Village, ‘Ultra-short Belarusian film screening on erotic festival in Spain’

2019, Novy Chas, ‘While You Reading, Houses are Falling’

2019, Euroradio, ‘A Short Film About Krasnapolian Dwellers is Now Online’

2018, Nasha Niva, ‘They are Turning a Mount into Pyramid’

2015 Racyja,’Fan-made Booktrailer Presents a Dystopian Language Book, Book Author Reacts.’


Professional contributions:

2020-2024, Creative director, film editor, Lodka Production, Lodz, Poland

2019- 2024, Art Project Manager, Visual Artist, RUH Urban Project, Minsk, Belarus

2023: Visual artist, 'Verses on the streets' series

2019: Cinematographer, Photographer, SET Ethnographic Expedition, Krasnapolle, Belarus

2017-2019, Editor-in-Chief, Curator, Vostrau Art Almanac, Vilnius, Lithuania


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