We will set your product in motion

Let's see it in a new way ;)


Meet 2023 reel.

In Lodka Production, our work is to turn ideas, concepts and products into motion. Since 2020, Lodka is known for dynamic and artistic projects and for our ability to discover and show a product from a new perspective, which is at the same time lively, highly engaging and well understandable.

Our animators have been already rediscovering Samsung, Burger King, Cheetos, Dirol, Redtrack, Mirinda, Transition Technologies, Godel Technologies and many more, operating both globally and locally in Poland.

See, how the cooperation between us and the client looks like on a case of Redtrack, our long term client with whom we have already made 14 films together.

Most of those works are motion graphics, but o see a unique example of our video edit + 2d animation done for another client,Transition Technologies, see the bottom of this page!

Many of Lodka's film projects include coming up with a short creative idea. Those motion graphics combine that approach with focusing on visualizing word after word, and making the complex idea, feature or product much more clear via graphics and movement.

No need to complicate. Motion graphics should visualize, enhance and specify the idea for the viewer.

We love seing the world in new ways. And 'a new way of seing' often combines real life elements with interfaces and apps of the devices we use for many hours a day.

Let people see what's not seen. To discover your product.

Lodka is fascinated by our partners in AR branch, but our motional response to that is a video like this, in which real life and our technologies merge in a simple yet powerful manner.

We will simplify your story, visualize it and let your potential clients see it from a great perspective

This case of a film made for Transition Technologies PSC is all about a simple, dynamic and powerful visual storytelling.

That's a result of a perfect editing made by our editor with 10 years of experience. But that's also a result of a great 2d animation and tracking, which highlight the most important parts of the video. Lastly, that's a result of a work ethic and an attitude towards our projects: make the work simple, beautiful and effective.

This year, we have done half of our projects in IT, and we would love to continue building partnerships with tech&startups.
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We also have a filmmaking portfolio of the films we shot and edited since 2017. Those are powerful and unique projects made from artists' perspective

Meet Antos, Lodka's Captain

Motion graphics is not for every project or product But we may see, whether it may be beneficial to yours, and how. If it rather may not, we may give suggestions on what will work in your case based on our team's 38 years of collective experience. Our clients and partners say that we do our work extremely well, but we are also honest, young, clear and open minded.