How I Got From Creative Rut to Curious Playfulness

A part of my story that may help you at the story of yours. Going back to 2020.


Antos Sivyh

3/26/20242 min read

At spring 2020, when the pandemic started, I found myself confronted with a familiar but unsettling situation. It may resonate with many, but also one that sparked a personal revelation. Allow me to share my reflections on the mundane and lackluster facets of recent times, particularly within the realm of creativity.

Creatives, those who embark on artistic endeavors, often find themselves engulfed in a whirlwind of activity, yet devoid of true inspiration. I too, experienced this predicament firsthand. Living in a modest yet charming apartment with my girlfriend, I grappled with a profound lack of direction, unsure of my next creative pursuit. This existential crisis persisted throughout the pandemic, leading me to produce work that fell short of my aspirations.

But how did I overcome this creative stagnation? The answer lay in my unwavering passion for exploration. Focusing on a singular interest – the intricate dynamics of urban environments – I embarked on a transformative journey. Through a project I dubbed "Ruh" (movement), I delved into the nuances of city traversal, conducting thorough research and uncovering solutions to address prevalent challenges.

This same spirit of innovation permeates my current endeavor: the development of the world's first physical operating system for creatives. Grounded in extensive research and personal experience, this initiative seeks to redefine the creative process, fostering curiosity and playfulness in all endeavors.

Yet, my journey extends beyond the confines of my own mind and surroundings. Embracing diverse perspectives and immersing myself in different cultures and epochs, I've unearthed a wealth of inspiration. This holistic approach has propelled me towards b r e a k i n g insights and transformative ideas.

As I reflect on the evolution of my creative journey, one principle remains steadfast: the rejection of dullness and complacency. By challenging conventional narratives and embracing the potential of technology, I strive to inspire others to embark on their own path of discovery.

In the realm of digital discourse, where cynicism often overshadows innovation, I advocate for a nuanced perspective. Rather than demonizing technology, we must harness its potential to enrich our lives and broaden our horizons. Through dialogue and experimentation, we can unlock new possibilities and forge a more curious, vibrant existence.

Join me on this journey of exploration and innovation. Letz cross the borders of the mundane and embrace the curiosity. Follow my progress, engage in meaningful discourse, and embark on your own quest for curiosity. Until then, stay curious, stay inspired, and go on an adventure.